Ficus elastic plant rubber tree on a light background. Shadow of focus on the wall. Close up.

6 Indoor Ficus Favourites to Grow in Your Home or Office

The Ficus (fig) plant is a very wide-ranging genus filling most of the environmental niches in the plant world. Buy ficus online.

Ficus Benjamina or ( Weeping Fig )

One of the most popular Ficus for the home and office is Ficus Benjamina or ( Weeping Fig ). We sell this plant displayed with an attractive architectural braided stem available in two heights. 1.2m and 1.4/1.5m. This plant needs well-lit position to achieve the best results.

Ficus Lyrata or (Fiddle Leaf)

Ficus Lyrata or (Fiddle Leaf) is a wonderfully architectural/statement plant with big, dark green leaves. A lovely addition to the home or office and very popular with interior designers.

Ficus Elastica Robusta / Rubber Plant

Ficus Elastica Robusta more commonly known as (Rubber Plant) is very popular. With  a woody stem with and thick oval shape dark green glossy leaves this plant does very well in a nice brightly lit spot.

Ficus Golden King/Weeping Fig

A variegated version of the Weeping Fig that lends itself to a modern interior is the Ficus Golden King. Available from our online shop and great value for money. Standing between 1.3 and 1.5 metres this plant will make a fantastic feature in your home or office.

Ficus Ginseng (Chinese Banyan)

Ficus Ginseng (Chinese Banyan). Probably the most spectacular ficus on the market. Gnarled roots and glossy leaves make it look like a well established Bonsai tree.

Ficus Alii (Longifolia)

Ficus Alii (Longifolia). A handsome fellow to add to your collection, the Alii will look great in all home and office environments. Requires good light to achieve the best results.