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Office Planters
Unit 10,
The Paddock
Carriers Path
South Street
East Hoathly
East Sussex

Tel 01825 841194
Fax 01825 841345

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Office Planters
our office plant rental contract


We view the rental contract as an unwelcome chore, we are sure you probably do to. The reasons for our rental contracts are easy to understand though. We give you valuable plants (up front) which you agree to rent from us for a minimum period of time. We have to divide the cost of the supply of these plants into the period that you agree to so that we can fix the monthly rental fee. We also need to tell you what you can expect from us by way of a service, and we tell you what we expect from you as a customer. We both have some obligations which need to be agreed at the outset, and this is the reason for the existence of a written contract.

That said, you are only renting some plants, not buying a property or agreeing a lease, so we can see no reason why the contract should to run to more than a few, easily understood sentences. Our contract is simple, readable and in 20 years we have not had any problems because of this.

Our contact is one page, it has a front and a back, you can download both parts here Contract Side 1 & Contract Side 2 enjoy!

Here is some additional information to answer any further questions you may have;

What happens if I want to cancel before the end of the contract?   You will be asked to pay the rental fee up to the end of the contract term, but not the maintenance part of the costs (because we will no longer be doing any maintenance). Most of our competitors make you pay the full amount.
Will I have to sign another contract at the end of the agreed term?   Not unless you want to, usually we just continue after this point until you ask us to stop.
If the contract runs on, how much notice is then required for cancellation. We like a minimum 28 days notice.
Will my charges be increased during the contract term? No (and probably not for the first year or two afterwards).
Can I have a discount if I agree to a longer contract than 24 months.   This is usually possible.
Do I have to remember to cancel the contract during short specific time period in order to avoid being obliged to continue with the plants for a further year or more?   No. (Avoid any contracts that include clauses making them difficult to cancel, if a rep tells you not to worry about a particular clause, make sure it is crossed out on all copies before you sign)
What if I want to change some of the plants at the end of the contract?   You can.
What if I need to move to new offices during the life of the contract?   Talk to us, we want to keep your business, so we will work with you on this.
When the contract ends, and I decide not to renew, will you take the plants away promptly.   Yes. (This is not true of most of our competitors)
If you have any queries about our contract please contact us. Any competitor looking at this website has our permission to use this contract. (Let's keep the business by keeping the customer happy, not by means of a tough contract.)